FOOOM introduces completely new line of hand and surface care dispensers

During the ISSA Interclean Amsterdam event held on May 10-14, FOOOM introduces a completely new line of hand and surface care dispensers. The product is available both as a foam, and as a lotion. In combination with the dispenser systems, FOOOM will present the revolutionary TINK MODULE: a brand new concept, transforming both mechanical and automatic washroom dispensers into ´intelligent´ dispensers.

Image of 3 Fooom Dispenser in white blue, white green and white violet

100% Made in Holland
FOOOM B.V. is a young Dutch company, specialized in the development and production of unique dispenser systems and applications for washrooms. The production line of such newly introduced products will be fully Dutch, with the state of the art production methods favoring the quality, efficiency and control.

With its ingenious system, FOOOM rides a trend of washroom market digital developments
These days, companies invest huge amounts in order to get valuable information from the use of electronic toilet dispensers. FOOOM is certainly riding a trend, when it comes to the developments of the ingenious and highly affordable TINK module. Even if the dispensers are already installed and in use, they could be upgraded with a TINK module. The derived data serve as a perfect basis for the calculation of how frequently and in which way all other toilet dispensers in the premises are being used.

Self-learning TINK module
TINK optimizes logistical business processes in a simple and effective manner. In other words, TINK module learns on it’s own. The data concerning the location, usage frequency and number of visitors, as well as the filling intervals are precisely registered, on line and 24/7. The benefits are:

Image of the word tink by foom in blue and a kwarter of a circle representing a signal sign

• Increased efficiency in the entire logistical process, from the warehouse to the end user
• Optimization of service routes
• Transparent user behavior
• TINK module is small, stand-alone, and does not need electric power
• Could be used for upgrading the existing dispensers at a later stage
• Usage data monitored through special FOOOM TINK APP

Dispenser line: unique features
Several unique features have been added to this new dispenser line, such as the possibility to imprint logo’s and texts from one piece, by means of special digital printing techniques. Another example is the non-flammable FOOOM surface cleaner.
FOOOM founders have more than 30 years experience in the field of development and production of washroom dispensers. They are downright innovators, with many patents linked to their name. By launching FOOOM, they combine knowledge and expertise with their ambition to innovate cleverly. In the days ahead, FOOOM will market their new dispenser line worldwide, through distributors, importers and the OEM channel.

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Image of a Fooom dispenser from the inside, showing where the soap is hold